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Originally Posted by ch4x0r View Post
Ok guys i have a new toro 2000 series z master last week i was doing my mother's yard and she has a slight slope in the back very small slope and as i would mow down and pull back it was like nothing was happening and then all of a sudden it goes backwards so i thought maybe it was just because i was on the hill, but ive started to notice it hesitating when pulling the left lever back and not the right side it doesn't have no whining noise or anything that sounds any different on the mower and it only has 49 hour's also i checked the hydro fluid level and its dead on the money perfect. am i just being paranoid is this common with toro's to hesitate sometimes when going back?
Hi there, we just ran across your post, and wanted to weigh in. First of all, we strongly suggest mowing across any incline, not up and down. That being said, there are a couple of possibilities for the hesitation. It may just be a belt slipping. If that possibility is ruled out, it may just take a moment for the hydro to catch. Occasionally if you are going downhill at a high rate of speed and pull the levers back quickly, that can happen. The last possibility is the potential for a bad hydro. We suggest checking the belt and adjusting the speed of the machine and if this does not help, please see your local dealer for further inspection.
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