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Bad Boy Mowers STAY AWAY

I recently purchased a Bad Boy Zt. The biggest mistake I have ever made. the mower has been in the shop 2 times with 15 hours on it.

1) Could not mow a incline even less than 15 degrees with out the front end raising up. Called Bad Boy and was told that there was nothing they could do. Called my dealer to get a rops kit and they told me to bring it in. They had the rep to look at it and he agreed that it should not be doing what it was. He contacted the factory and had a weight kit made for it. cost me another 135 dollars. Took care of the problem but what upsets me is when when I called bad boy they said oh well and didn't want to help at all.

2) Mowing yesterday and the front caster locks up. Mower has 15 hours on it. Dealer is going to fix it but that doesn't change the fact I am going to have to burn 40 miles worth of gas and borrow a trailer to get it down there. I don't mow commercially but I do take care of three of my neighbors yards. once again I'm out of a mower. Called the manufacturer to see if they have had any problems with the zt and was told to just take it and get it fixed there is not anything else to talk about and when I started telling him I was not satisfied he hung up. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

3) Not to mention the seat has hit the plastic guard on top of the engine and broke the plastic ring around the top.

Just wanted to warn everybody to stay away from bad boy. Terrible product and terrible customer service.
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