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Originally Posted by Digdeep View Post
My apologies. I thought you were talking about the value of resale in general. You are correct that resale values change by geographic region. Gehl has good resale in your area, but Case does not. It's the opposite in my area.
My point was too establish an aactual number for bad resale value in percentages. If a Case costs 50k and reslaes at 3 years for 25 k then thats 50% loss. If a comparable gehl model sells for 20 k at 3 years but it's intial cost was lower than the actual resale value is decievingly less. I just do not see machines that there values are out of line on resale except for MTL machines in regards too initial cost. If Gehls have a lower resale than I would love too see actual numbers in relation too a case including initial purchase price.
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