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Sorry for your issues. I know the factories like to have issues dealt with at local level first, then if issue with a dealer they step in. Also, with equipment over the past 6 years of being a dealer with several brands and also talking to folks that have issues like this, 80% of all warranty claims usually happen within the first 20 hours of use. I am sure some of you noticed this, but I really see it as a dealer. I tell people to keep a good eye out during this break in for rods going through motors, bearings locking up, belts chewing up, leaks, etc that way if it does happen they are not as upset they feel like they helped catch an issue before it did any damage. I drove my new $50k diesel truck not 5 miles down the road when i noticed something wrong and it was in the shop for a week before I got to really "own" it. I didn't call the manufacturer or anything, just expected to get taken care of at the dealer. It actually didn't bother me at all, I was just happy to catch it and get it fixed under warranty with no issues. I know you will love your mower once the bearings are replaced, I have seen many defective new wear items on equipment. I have seen rods go through side of motors at 7 hours, a buddy of mine got a new gravely and the transmission fell off the mower and took 2 weeks to fix without a demo, he was cool and understood it was a new design. We put alot of work into prototyping the czt and zt last year for the design changes, and I honestly think they are equal to none for the price point. Nothing is built as heavy duty, offers as much machine, or as easy to work on as the BB.... If you ever need anything or have any questions just holler at me I have seen some amazing customer service from the factory, but it was on waay out of the box issues, not your normal everyday dealer stuff.... I liked them so much when mowing I became my own dealer out of my house, and in 6 years became the world's largest volume mower dealer because of the way BB treated me when my mower fell off my trailer....

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