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Originally Posted by PerfectEarth View Post
Disc is still giving me issues. The past three months have been pretty steady. I am working a bit smarter, careful to not do stupid things with full green buckets and wheelbarrows, not foolishly yanking on stuff that's rooted into the ground!

Every day is the same- sciatica at night, sleeping ok, pain when I wake up, eat something in the truck on the way in and pop an 800mg ibuprofen. 20 minutes later, I am good for the entire day. The Ibuprofen knocks out almost all the inflammation during the day.

I can guess I am probably not healing, but I am no where NEAR how I lived in January and February. That was the worst time of my life. Still need to work on better posture. And my wife and I have an appt. with my physical therapist/back specialist guy next week to discuss mattress options and get HER back checked out, lol!

So, it's an ongoing thing unfortunately. Just glad I am able to work.....for now. Have this terrible feeling my days are numbered in the future.

My rehab is starting to give me a little relief so I'm feeling positive. I must not have had such a bad herniation or the fact that major strength training has been a large part of my life may have somewhat protected me. I actually injured it during a lift but the bending a stooping over the years has definitively not helped. I think the thing that will help over the years is me getting someone to do the heavy work. Or else the days are in fact numbered. Any way for you to get general laborers each year to take the burden away? If I ever got/get to your pain level and needs I'd be hanging up the boots or making sure I can get workers. A lifetime full of pain is not worth owning a business in this industry. Unfortunately unless you're in the category like ETWman, it's hard to find quality laborers because the money is sometimes not there to support good employees in this industry. Good luck to you and remember that you only get one body and what you are dealing with now WILL affect you later in life.
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