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Very, very happy!!!

I picked it up today at Cresent Springs Hardware in Northern Ky. By 10:00am I was mowing. When I got off the exit (coming back), I noticed that the road crews had mowed next to the road. I pulled over next to some tall grass, bush hogged grass and so forth. Pulled the deck up and tried to get through some very thick, dead grass. This mower ate it up! I went through it, turned around and lowered the deck to 3.5 inches and it did great. Better than anything I have tested. Mark Wilson of CSH kept telling me to trust him. I always will, well unless I see him pulling out of my driveway.
We had a meeting tonight, Hy-Jumpers of Northern Ky, and he asked me if that mower was going to be OK. I just smiled and thanked him again. He said "Ken, I've been doing this for 43 years. Trust me, I know what they can do!"
So am I satisfied? You better believe I am. There was one place that normaly takes 1.5 hrs to do and it dropped 20min off the time. Oh yea, it also flies. I think I'll look for a windshield. I guess I have been living in a cave. Didn't know you could get so much out of a little engine. Oh well, thanks again for all your support, you guys were very helpful and help build my confidence. I'll report later but I think everyone knows what I'll say. Until then...........Cya.......
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