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Originally Posted by AWJ Services View Post
My point was too establish an aactual number for bad resale value in percentages. If a Case costs 50k and reslaes at 3 years for 25 k then thats 50% loss. If a comparable gehl model sells for 20 k at 3 years but it's intial cost was lower than the actual resale value is decievingly less. I just do not see machines that there values are out of line on resale except for MTL machines in regards too initial cost. If Gehls have a lower resale than I would love too see actual numbers in relation too a case including initial purchase price.
As long as my work pays for the machine over 3 years resale doesn't mean anything to me. I always get hosed and reselling and always will. But I don't mind as long as I turned a profit over the machine cost

I would be more worried about resale for private use and just to have shiny machines every 3 years
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