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72inch Lazer Z Hydro Pump and Belts getting real hot .

Got a Lz31dg724 Serial 291303..
The mower is old with 2500hrs ,The problem is it keeps wearing the hydro-pump belts out . I put a new one on today and cut maybe 2 acres and it shreaded it ,went through 2 more belts with the same results . The first belt was an Exmark belt the last 2 were from Discount Auto. Also i should note that the pump pulleys spin freely by hand and the idler is all lined up. Every time the belt shreads the pumps are extremely hot . I believe it has a hydro oil cooler that runs through the radiator but not sure. Right now Im draining the hydro oil and filter and gonna see if that helps ... anyone have any other ideas

P.S With a new belt on it -it runs great no abnormal noises or smell but after about 20 minutes I can feel it slip alittle then dead in the water.
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