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Originally Posted by Ric View Post

I don't mow but I see the Right Of Way and lot mowing companies using the 72 inch models. They appear to be reliable because those people are running them from morning to night with no rest.

I can say one way or an other about the Cut because they are cutting mostly weeds. But for weeds mowing the cut doesn't look bad. BTW I remember Hustlers being rear discharge over 20 years ago. Not many mower are rear discharge, But I think that is an advantage.
Thanks Ric.
The SZ would be great for that kind of thing, where a few clumps here and there dont matter. Also, it seems the 72" isnt a problem with clumping, just the 60".
St Aug is very similar to our Sir Walter (buffalo) and causes me all kinds of problems with clumping.
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