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Originally Posted by MichianaMowers View Post
Was contacted by a company that has many vacant lots in our city. 30 of them to be exact. I would like someone to tell me if my bid is realistic or not.
  • No trees
  • No fences
  • No structures
  • Curb and sidewalk for most (w/ treelawn)
  • Average lot size: 6770 sq ft
  • Lots are within 5 minutes of each other

The total square footage is right at 200,000 (30 lots)

I'm thinking $630 per week for weekly cuts. Am I even close on this one?

I feel like a noob. Sorry.
There are not too many vacant lots in any city that are not reclaimed lots. If the grass is high, I would walk the lots to see what debris or trash is on the lots, because there was probably a building on the lot at one time. If there are chunks of concrete , bricks or wood, it will be a nightmare
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