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I'm glad you're happy! As for re-seeding, you may want to hold off until the first week in September for a few reasons. The first is the weather. With the impending heat/drought season coming up, there's a good chance that Pythium may attack the new seed that you put down. Also, the new seed will hinder your ability to apply Dimension (if you were going to apply that), thus forcing you to use the Siduron/Tupersan even later into the summer. You'd be surprised at those weak areas, how they will fill in with regular fertilizations.

As for the weed control, do not mix it any higher than what the label states. "More is NOT better". If there's different rates, I would use the lesser of the rates as the temperatures increase, thus reducing the possible damage to your grass. The weed controls are designed to kill the weeds without damaging your turf, provided you follow the labels and use common sense. The cooler it is, the higher the label rates you can use. The hotter it is, the lower the label rates you can use. If it's over 80 degrees, I wouldn't spray at all because there's too much risk involved.

Post up some pic's! Hopefully some "Before & After" ones.
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