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Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
I understand your cut and ride issues with the Hustler Super Z, but I can guarantee you could do the very exact same thing that bent the deck you were speaking of, and it would not have phased the Super Z deck.

I honestly have no idea how you could bend a Super Z deck. I was running probably 6 mph on a friend's property that was in the hospital, and one of the reasons I was running slower was because of being afraid of what may have been hiding in the tall junk I was cutting along a wood line.

I hit a cedar (very hard wood, will not rot out) stump that had been cut, it was about 10" across and standing about 10" tall. I hit the stump just left of center (disintegrated one scalp wheel) so hard, had it not been for the steering levers it would have thrown me off the mower, the steering levers really hurt and bruised me up badly. It knocked the breath out of me and addled my head somewhat, I sat in the seat dazed for what was probably 30 seconds.

The first thought I could process was, there was definitely damage done, but how much, I was hating to see what the deck looked like. I honestly felt it could have torn the deck off the mower, that's how hard I hit. I stepped off the machine and began looking, and other than the scalp wheel, I could not see, and I mean at all, where the deck had been touched. I started walking around the deck and mower for a closer inspection because I kept telling myself, this is not possible, there has to be damage somewhere on the deck or mower. I have yet to see or find anything relating to damage caused by what felt to me like a pretty severe accident, especially the next morning when I tried to get out of bed.
Im glad you were ok! That could have turned ugly. I wish I got a look under the VX4 deck when I had a chance. Do you believe this is where most of the super z's extra weight comes from? The rest of the machine is well built but IMO not anymore than other industrial grade machines.
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