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So at lunch I swung by one of the largest property management companies in NH(bought out by a national brand now). They only bid on very large commercial properties that require multiple crews on site at all times. I worked for them as a foreman when I was 18 on a 400 acre campus. We mowed 6 days a week, 10-12 hours per day. This is just one of there on site shops. Most of the machines were out mowing but I was allowed to take a couple pics around the shop as long as no company info, employees, or grounds pics ended up on the net. They have run Exmark for quite a while now but are in the process of changing the entire fleet over to Deere. It has been a 2 year process with a couple more years left to replace HUNDREDS of machines. The owner is very reserved and doesn't talk much(unlike me) but his actions speak louder than words. His statement to me was "I want a good cut the first time" and nothing else. He checked out my Gravely and thought it was quite nice although he himself hasn't mowed in 20+ years. Sorry the pics are not the greatest but I did my best to respect his wishes.
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