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West/Central Texas Bareground Spraying.

Part-timer that has been spraying Prickly Pair and Mesquite for a few years.

I was asked to spray a few right-of-way type jobs around Pump jacks and tank batteries.

The competitors in the area are so closed mouth I am suprised they can eat. So I submit a few questions in the hopes you will realize I am a part-timer and pretty new at this.

I am certified/insured in Texas to spray right-of-ways before someone points that out.

My research has lead me to Krovar, Paraquat, Glyphosate mixture at the below rates. I have already purchased the chemicals so the questions seems redundant at this point. I ask anyway in the hopes that a flush of business will come my way and I can streamline the business.

My cost per acre seems to be for chemical alone.


This roughly translates into .0055 cents per square foot or half a penny per square foot for the head scratchers. To make any money I will have to triple the cost to .015 cents/sq ft of chemical, add a modest hourly rate and mileage (50 mile one-ways are forseeable). And this seems ridiculously high to me. (I couldn't afford it).

Getting in on the all important vendor lists here in West Texas is key and I am looking to cut my costs and still get on the lists.

Any suggestions on a change in Chemicals? or Vendor list entry.
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