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Originally Posted by AWJ Services View Post
You paid 36k added 15k worth of VTS and are happy too get 22k? Not good resal value in my opinion and I am not taking into account maint. take 2000 hours and divide that into 30k plus and that is 15 dollars an hour depriciation min. Not figuring interest or sales tax into the equation.
His VTS wasn't $15 large...thought it was more like $5 large? Thinking about it, I would have given him more for his VTS just for parts value.

I like VTS but someone is stupid to pay that.

My NH170 I bought new for $20,300 and put 800 hours in four years and sold it for $16,000. It allowed me to roll in to a new Case with all that equity. I could go on about some of my other skids but I have been able to buy new and 'flip' them rather than run them in to the ground. The only skid I've taken a beating on was that Mustang MTL16, new $33,500 and barely two years and 100 hours later got $21,000. I'm still bleeding from that.
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