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Was that a ZT ELITE or CZT ELITE? I just demoed a CZT Elite with the Kawi and 54" deck, and mulching kit. This 1 had the Hyrogear 3400 hyros. I was shocked at how well it climbed up and down hill . It was so nimble and the cut quality was better than equal to the famous Ultracut deck on my Exmarks.

Is there that much of a difference between the czt and zt ? Or did he just get a lemon. Because I ran from the older BBoys but I would buy 2 of the CZT 60" and replace my heavy Exmarks, or keep the exmarks as backups, based on my experience with the demo I had. My only complaint was reverse traction when turning if pointed downhill, yet I could go straight downhill and not lose traction where my Exmarks are on the verge of sliding downhill.

2013 Exmark Pioneer S 60" Ultracut (Review with pics)

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2008 Exmark Lazer Z AS 60" U/C 28 Kawi

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