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thank you very much for your answers
regarding the blade, actually I just did that as I saw some shredded grass there although I think the reasons was that the grass was wet during the last mowing

I understand it might be a fungus, but I've never put fungicide over my lawn and I would not do it unless I really really have to, and I would try something organic first
what should I try organic ?
from the pictures, does it look like a fungus on the blades, can you see any signs ?

but do you think that there is also a chance that bad care practices might be the reason ?
for example:
- too much or too less fertilizer
- to much water, or too less water
- watering when it is to warm, during hot period of the day ?
- mowing when is too hot or when the grass is very wet

such practices could lead to this ?

thank you very much for your answers
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