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Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post
Larry I wouldn't spend that for the ride on.
Now depending on the price of the dual hydro WB, perhaps......
I'm lookin at you, Turfco
Why does everyone think Turfco is going to come out with this great and magical ride and be able to charge less than a Toro unit? I own a T3000 and am very happy with it. Got a Toro stand on aerator last fall and it's great too. When you compare them side by side, the Toro looks more expensive and heavier built. It has a bigger more expensive engine and the hydros certainly cost a lot more than the transimssion on the T. If Turfco wants 9500 for a T, they'll want 12k for a ride-on!

I don't like to talk prices on the public board but we paid 2 grand less than the prices Larry is talking about. I also know of two places where it can be had for 8-8500 plus tax all day for anyone, no fleet discount required.

At the end of the day, it all depends on how your operation is set up. If I already have the guys on payroll to get the aerations done with walk behinds, I would stay with walk behinds too. But these machines will close to double one man's aeration productivity.

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