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Originally Posted by retrodog View Post
They both were redesigned this year substantially. The difference is the czt has bigger wheels and tires, adjustable handles, 3400 tranny then the more commercial lasting motors briggs cyclonic 30hp or kawasaki FS. In laymans terms I like to say you are going from basically an 800 expected lifespan motor and tranny to a 3000 hour basically, its a big jump in years expected all around. The 10mph is alot nicer too to, the zt feels like it could "go" faster but the new 3100's are a hair slower than the 2800's were...
Thanks retro, Do you know if they can put a more aggressive tire on the czt like the one on the new outlaw I demoed? It had incredible traction and did not tear up the turf. It was a $500 option for tires and rims on the outlaw my rep said.

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