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Originally Posted by MJB View Post
Thanks retro, Do you know if they can put a more aggressive tire on the czt like the one on the new outlaw I demoed? It had incredible traction and did not tear up the turf. It was a $500 option for tires and rims on the outlaw my rep said.
Are you thinking of starting to go with a lighter made Z, do you think a Exmark is to heavy for hills? I have kinda come to the same conclusion I think.

For rugged big jobs for me a mega 72 and for all other cutting a lighter more agile like 52 or 54 that does not tear the turf as easy.

I have heard those Bad Boy Outlaws are really good mowers from every one who owns them and great for the money.

Chasses wise how does it compares with the old Hustler you had. If all the problem areas of your old Hustler were fixed would it had been a keeper?

I am updating my Hustler XR7 Z with the newer style parts. I think for a Mega 72 I believe you told me to buy a Hustler Super new style with a EFI Kaw as far as being the most rugged big cut?
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