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Most all the attractions use hybrid Bermuda that gets cut every 3 days to a half or 1 inch.
Now the Floratam. Which is just a modern strain of St.Augustine. Supposedly uses less water and is chinch bug resistant (wrong on both). It grows the blades off thick, tough runners that tack down to roots every few inches. These runners do best when protected from the sun. The blades themselves are thick and fibrous, almost a quater inch wide. Grow them long and they will stand straight up to 6". The healthier the runners, the longer of blades it will grow and the thicker the appearence. These extreme heights keep weeds out which is good as herbicides are few and pricey. Properly fed especially with the minors and its an enbeatable green. The drawbacks are its not barefoot soft to walk on. It has no viable seeds, so its sod or plug only. Its also a tattle tale if you use dull blades, the edge will cut jagged and turn brown by next day. Customers won't be happy. Its thriving when any northern species is burning from those thick blades. It goes dormant in a normal winter but will die from prolonged frost like we had several years ago.
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