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Originally Posted by Realslowww View Post
MJB the new top of the line Exmarks are using the 21 cc Hustler pumps? the problem with the Hustler was they were asking to much from lower end hydro components.

If they would have used them to do a 12 or 13 MPH setup I think the issues would have never been their. The new system of course everybody knows is in a class by itself.

The problem with the all in one newer hydro drive units that ZTR companies are using is you need to keep the fluid fresh because they get dirtier quicker because the capacity of oil is so small.
I agree they were asking the pumps and WM's to do to much causing failures.
The older exmarks I have had held less oil, only 2 qts, than my BB Outlaw with the hydro I forgot the exact amount in my Outlaw but it was more than 4 quarts If I remember right. Retro would know the specs. Maybe the new exmarks unitized pumps hold less but not the hydrogear 5400.

Maybe retro will tell us how much oil is in the 5400 and 3400 hydrogear unitized pump and wm on the BB.

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