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Originally Posted by Realslowww View Post
I just went up the road to look at the new BB and they looked really nice, I looked at the Outlaw and the new model you are interested in but it had smaller stock tires.

I looked at the Xone as well, how much cheaper is the new lower end BB you are interested in compared to a Xone.

Just how much does the new little BB weigh? Their mowers look really simple to work on and well designed, one of the complaints I have heard on them is they use cheap Chinese steel but I have never confirmed this. I have heard complaints the metal cracks and fatigue easily.
The CZT Elite is around 850 lbs 60" deck. It has the elecctric deck lift which took some getting used to but if it holds up Im ok with it.
I think the CZT Elite 60" Kawasaki engine and mulching kit is $6599. or close to that.
The Outlaw Extreme had a lot of extras the suspension, low center of gravity,
aggressive tires. My only problem with the Outlaw is it has a longer frame not great for smaller lawn areas. I have lawns that go from real small to a few acres all on the same property. So I like the weight of the CZT I demoed. Plus it had more trimside due to a smaller wheelbase which might effect sidehilling for some guys. I was able to do a diagonal on a hill that my other mowers including my Outlaw would not hold the angle and would turn straight down the hill due to their weight.

I had cracking on my Super Z the engine deck plate was weak and I don't abuse equipment. My BB Outlaw has no issues like that, but if its bumpy I slow down. Some guys think they gotta go fast when its just to rough and they damage equipment. I have not heard of any more weak steel issues since I bought mine.

They are very easy to work on which is 1 reason I liked them. I don't know what the Xone is but the CZT Elite start at 5899 I think.

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