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Originally Posted by Realslowww View Post
I just went up the road to look at the new BB and they looked really nice, I looked at the Outlaw and the new model you are interested in but it had smaller stock tires.

I looked at the Xone as well, how much cheaper is the new lower end BB you are interested in compared to a Xone.

Just how much does the new little BB weigh? Their mowers look really simple to work on and well designed, one of the complaints I have heard on them is they use cheap Chinese steel but I have never confirmed this. I have heard complaints the metal cracks and fatigue easily.
Here is a utube video of the CZT I demoed it has a 54" deck which I liked but thought the 60" would be even better. Keep in mind this is just a 10mph mower.
I did not know he was video taping it or I would of sped up and done less trim around the edges more actually making stripes which it does well up here.
Here is a link:

2013 Exmark Pioneer S 60" Ultracut (Review with pics)

2010 Badboy Outlaw 6100 31 KAWI

2008 Exmark Lazer Z AS 60" U/C 28 Kawi

2000 Exmark Lazer Z 60" L/C Kawi 4100 + hrs strong
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