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Originally Posted by Realslowww View Post
850 pounds is light, you said with bigger tires it is another 500? what size tires ?

That 60 and a good 72 would be a great combo for sure, I think I would want a 54. So the ride was good at speed and it holds hills better than the big mowers?

That is why I do not like the newer 72 Hustler Hyper, it is 1600 pounds so on steep hills it would be questionable.
The CZT Elite only goes up to 60" there is no suspension etc just a basic ztr beefed up to do commercial. 60" is 925 lbs 54" 871 lbs.

The tires I demoed were on the Outlaw. They are called Field Trax Tires man do they stick well on hills. I do not know if they come in a smaller size to fit the czt elite because it would help the mower turn around quicker on hills with more reverse traction. The video above did not show any hills unfortunately.

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