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Originally Posted by Weekend cut easymoney View Post
HOA had aphids on Crape Myrtles last August...I referred an applicator to spray the aphids, two treatments--

the crapes bloomed and looked great--fast foreword to the present--

I visited site and noticed aphids on the crapes a few days ago..I sent a note to the property manager and asked if they wanted to get the aphids treated again...

He says..."don't we have a warranty from the treatments last year?"

dormant oil refused in winter, systemic refused in spring...Warranty?
I asked him if he has a bug guy spray his house every 6 months or so...
waiting for a response-

warranty 7 months later???
that's something that needs to be done every year.. like me calling you and telling you 2 weeks after you cut my grass damn you don't warranty my cut grass from growing.. you might want to watch this guy he could be a problem.. or he could be just joking with you...
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