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Originally Posted by Realslowww View Post
How big of tires can you get on it? that will make it go faster.

The one I looked at looked like it had 20's?
Not bigger, just better traction. I have my big mowers for speed. This is more of an adaptable mower that can go to just about any job and get it done if need be. Cost 1/2 the price of a new Exmark almost and cuts as well or better. Thats what works for me. If you need speed better look at the Outlaw its really good on hills with the FieldTrax tires weighs in at 1280lbs 60" 1310 72"

2013 Exmark Pioneer S 60" Ultracut (Review with pics)

2010 Badboy Outlaw 6100 31 KAWI

2008 Exmark Lazer Z AS 60" U/C 28 Kawi

2000 Exmark Lazer Z 60" L/C Kawi 4100 + hrs strong
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