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Originally Posted by greenology View Post
Just to help me get an idea, to compare from cutting here to there, how low would you be cutting GMLC when you weren't getting any scalping? Im not sure what your grasses are like etc but I get the impression you don't cut too low to the ground, although there must be times you need a nice low cut?

The town I live in is Castle Hill, which is part of the Hills District, as the name suggests this area is nothing less than hills, so lots of "not level" cutting for me.

I often cut on steep slopes, so it will be interesting to compare the ferris on stability compared with others.

Not too sure what you mean by heavy deck mowing tho, hope you don't mind explaining
Cool season grasses here so we never cut below 3". I felt the cutting deck itself moved a lot and didnt feel tight. Which concerned me for two reasons. 1. Cut quality, considering something like 1/4" pitch makes a huge difference. 2. The deck moving around is a lot of shifting weight which will affect the handling of the machine especially on hill sides.

Please dont get me wrong. Ferris and Snapper Pro were still both on my short list until I found exactly what I was looking for.
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