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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
No one is intimidated or impressed by comments that PROVE nothing about a subject, but do PROVE that some people are just spewing hate becuz that is their being... why the MODS allow kiril only bash and not contribute demeans the possible value of this forum...
this thread is now dead and possibly all others will be as well... this forum had potential but this kind of filthy communication kills the entire experiment and it happens everytime this 'person' types a line...
Would that be anything like how you have bashed the authors of the article? Time and time again you bash and rail against science, universities and any concept you can't wrap your head around, making claims that findings/data/conclusions are wrong or deliberately misleading due to some agenda without providing a spec of substantiation to support your wild claims. See your above posts in this thread for numerous examples.

Would that be the type of hate spewing, bashing, filthy communication you are talking about?
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