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A. Wouldent it end up in a landfill anyway, also polluting the environment?
B. rubber is porous, thus wouldn't the rubber just let rainwater sink into the soil below for the plants, and not get involved in the biological processes other than acting as a thermal barrier have a more optimal temperature of the soil below?
C. The smell on hot days-- correct me if im wrong but I think you are referring to the black mulch with the nylon still in it that looks like crap, because of the heat it attracts. I'm talking about the dark red colored rubber mulch.
As to the not adding nutrients to the soul, couldn't this be counteracted by the addition of more water to the plants.
Plants surive with out organic mulch above them, don't they?

Thanks for the informative responses, you guys know a heck of a lot more than I do, it sounds like a resounding no.
I don't plan on doing this a lot, but I had an old lady who I do weekly mowing for ask me about doing her few beds with it. She has red right now and I think I put down maybe a half a yard in her beds this year so the loss of work would not be a huge issue if it was just that. Ill tell her that it shouldn't be done.
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