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Originally Posted by GMLC View Post
Back on track please.....

Here is a video attempt by me showing the X-Factor 2 discharge. It is much less concentrated than the XF1. This was shot at 8am with typical heavy NH morning dew. Sorry the vid isn't the greatest...
Looks really good, and Im glad you can actually see the difference. It looks to me like it is doing very good, and better than the XF1 as far as spreading the clippings right out of the chute. The added width to the opening and changes under the deck appear to be doing excatly what they should. I can see the clumpy chunks coming out in the first vid, but when they landed there were no clumps. In the second video, I only saw two clumps come out like that, but again, nothing when they landed.

With GMLC's approval for me to add these to his thread, here are some pics my wife took of me mowing our property yesterday with my Z950.

I will say this about the 7 Iron decks- the std deck is a wet grass cutting piece of equipment. The MOD does very well, but not as well as the std deck since the MOD deck is much more tightly baffled. More so than the Exmark UC deck believe it or not. The advantage the MOD has over the UC is with the much wider chute opening and no turbo baffle to collect grass when wet.

As you can see in the pictures, it was an average of 8" long and was cut down to 3.5", fairly thick, and definitely lush/moist grass blades.

Here are a couple pics showing the discharge. If you look closely at the second picture, you can see the clippings in the air and spreading out over the next two rows and into the third. You can also see the clippings being spread out in the last two pics. You can also see them in the air in between the camera and the rear tire. This was with OEM high lifts and the adjustable baffles underneath between blades removed.
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