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Originally Posted by grassman177 View Post
this is the last valve on the wire, all the way around the house from one side to the other. and yes, we have tried just pokin around to find it as well.

I do ground to the earth, i unplugged the doggie fence, which was causing issues. however there is also landscape lighting too Fing me up. Since this is the last valve on the system, ugh.

I do appreciate all the ideas fellas. I will return to work on it , and I can find the valve in the middle of the sytsem, however and can get into the wires there. I would hate to cut the wires, as there is no extra to work with prob is it aint multistrand. i hate when at the clock is all dif colors multistrand, but in the ground it is switched to larger gauge wire of no color differential except the common. Makes it much more difficult overall in the field imo. you have to use tools to figre out which wire it is. dif for commercial applications where voltage drop would be a concern etc.
this is a medium resi account though

on a dif subject, can anyone explain to me why wiring this way IS actually a GOOD thing? cuz it seems most ******ed to me.
I will pm you my number. Call me today and i will explain to you how to clean the locate up.

Call me when you are onsite and i will walk you through the locate.

The difficvlties you are experiencing are simple to overcome or eliminate alltogether.

I am in my rotation and will be @ home both days.
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