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Originally Posted by JaysLawnServices View Post
I turn a profit, anything before taxes and insurance and all my other payments is just revenue. I don't plan on ever getting employed at the moment. Just live on Ramen and bread for 5 years and start my own business. And if I change my mind, I'll just go get a phd, the employment rate for engineers with a phd is extremely high, especially in my area with GE right around the corner.
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I have a degree in Electrical Engineering from Penn State. Had it paid for by Uncle Sam and fellow taxpayers (thanks) via the GI Bill. To get a doctorate, that's big bucks and probably about 800 bucks at least per month for student loan payments. Nothing like having your own business. A job with a company won't pay you like landscaping can of you play your cards right. Looking back, as long as one can hustle and run a business, school may have been a waste of time for me, although its a good plan B because you can always go back and get a regular job again.
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