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If you have ever seen the dog toy called KONG. A large one was nestled in some 7-8" grass. I was on the Grandstand and saw it at the last second. Too late, felt it hit, looked back after I passed and it was gone. I looked for a good 5minutes and even looked to see if it got wedged under the deck in the baffle or something, it was no where. I finished the back yard at a 3/4 acre home and moved my way to the front. I had to move a small wheelbarrow in the front left by the homeowner and when I did, there it was laying next to the wheelbarrow. Picked it up and looked at it to make sure that was the one. Indeed there was one line where the blade had struck. The KONGs are super tough dense rubber and this one was propelled a good 80 ft to the house and another 30 ft over the house coming to rest another 30-40 ft into the front yard.
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