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Im still a little confused and new to this, so can you explain the benefits of mulching and the benefits of side discharge. Honestly it seems that with the mulching blades there is a white or light yellow haze to the overall top of my lawn now. The lawn is about 5 years old and is a tall fescue blue grass mix. Mostly Tall Fescue and the blades are rather wide so when they arent cut nice and clean, they tear and leave this haze after im done. It seems to be worst when I use the gator mulching blades.

If I try side-discahrge, am I going to wind up with a big pile in the center of my lawn. Can I increase the drive speed and mow faster with side-discharge. Would you recommend two passes on the yard as well.

Would you recommend switching the side discharge lift blades with the mulchers every once in a while?

Right now I am chancing a rye seed overseed to help green up. I sprayed my lawn with an over powered Ammonia green up liquid fertilizer and it killed all my spring over seed fescue and really yellowed my established fescue. I just dropped some perennial rye about 20 minutes ago hoping for a quick green up and am afraid to cut my lawn for a week so the seeds can take. Any thoughts?
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