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Originally Posted by CurbAppealKS View Post
I didn't notice any more of this than with any other z. As far as hill stability, I would put the 3100 up against anything. It will hold hills up to the point of not feeling safe. I'm talking flipping it over sideways not sliding down hill. I wish I had pictures of the Walmart I used to mow. The slope seriously approached every bit of 50 degrees at some points. I have actually tipped a 62" sd walker over on this same slope, threw me off and I rolled down the hill on my arse. Luckily the machine stayed upright and the hydros kept it from running down the hill after me, it kind of just slid down slow and controlled.

I would trust the 3100 on any slope that you can physically mow with a rider.
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I think technically the suspension should give better hillside stability, which supports what you say. In the world of cars & atv's Im certain they will hold a hill better with suspension than without. No difference for a ZTR IMO.

You were lucky to get out of that incident without being hurt!
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