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Originally Posted by Bob MacGregor View Post
Hi Troops,
Having recently serviced my X-ONE, I have several recommendations.
About 3 1/2 quarts of hydraulic will drain from the reservoir when replacing the hydraulic oil filter. With the rear discharge deck in the lowest position, I was able to get a regular plastic oil drain pan under the reservoir and get it out without spilling any oil. The next time that I do this service I will warm up the machine and using an oil withdrawal system, remove the oil from the reservoir before removing the filter.
Also not good to run a fuel tank out of fuel as getting fuel to flow after refilling the tank can take time. Watch the fuel gauges and don't let it happen. The fuel evaporative system, part of which is installed in the fuel tanks, is the reason for the slow return of fuel flow following running out of fuel. This is not a negative comment, just a caution to operators.
Fuel tank caps can easily get cross threaded when putting them back on, just be careful when reinstalling them.
I take it you have the 29 hp Kohler efi on your mower, which makes it more difficult to start the engine if one tank is run completely empty. I have an efi on one mower and must bleed a little gas through the pressure check Schrader valve to restart. The carburetored Kawasaki 35 hp I have on my 72" will start right up after running a tank empty, starts the same as with cranking for the first time of the day.
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