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Originally Posted by CurbAppealKS View Post
I didn't notice any more of this than with any other z. As far as hill stability, I would put the 3100 up against anything. It will hold hills up to the point of not feeling safe. I'm talking flipping it over sideways not sliding down hill. I wish I had pictures of the Walmart I used to mow. The slope seriously approached every bit of 50 degrees at some points. I have actually tipped a 62" sd walker over on this same slope, threw me off and I rolled down the hill on my arse. Luckily the machine stayed upright and the hydros kept it from running down the hill after me, it kind of just slid down slow and controlled.

I would trust the 3100 on any slope that you can physically mow with a rider.
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I mow a interstate embankment for a on off to the interstate, I found my 72 better than a 60 for this. My 60 could turn over but the wide stance of the 72 just slides with none of that going over stuff. I am sure it could if circumstances were right.

For mowing steep inclines alot the drive on the new Hustler with high torque wheel motors like in the ATZ setup would by far be the most durable powerful set up but the new Hustler is over 200 pounds heavier and taller so it screwed that one up a bit.

Height and weight are major enemies when doing slopes. That new Hustler 72 weighs 1600 pounds. What a pig of a mower, I like a simple design and a Ferris is a beautiful mower but I do real industrial jobs and it is a bit more complicated than I like.

I would have boughten the new Super but all the extra weight I did not like and a Big Block Carb model will run the gas bill up quick and the height of the machine also.

The last thing I would want to find out after buying a 72 Hyper Hustler is that it won't cut as steep of slopes because of weight and height and also gets stuck more because of more weight so I decided not to chance it and I am going to update my old Super so I can keep the more agile chasses. If I showed a ZTR dealer what I was using a mower to do they would not do a demo, I would have to sneak it by them, so better to just not take a chance on a 11,000 $ mistake.

How much does a Ferris 72 weigh?
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