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Man theives are the worst, I squeezed in a quick 2hr trimming job at a gas station in a high end part of town. So i finish and roll out and got a 1/2 mile and realized i left my hedgers sitting on the ground. When I left there were some mexican pool cleaners sitting at their truck in the parking lot. So I whipped it around and get back and the guys are still there and my hedge trimmer isnt. I can tell by their body language that they had em. So i walk over and ask if they seen who took em. They all look at one So they play dumb and look in the back of their truck and there they are.

So they start saying its theirs ...blah blah so I said then call the cops. Right then a cop pulls in and I said "if these are yours then go tell him that I just ripped you off" grabbed them and off I went.
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