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You NEED air moving out of the cutting area (OUT from under the deck) to create vacuum to stand the grass up. This will help to achieve a clean cut (assuming your blades are sharp) to AVOID that brownish haze on the tips of your grass blades resulting from tearing/mulching. Mulching just beats your turf up, imho.

Will recommend you contact your State Extension office for a better idea of how to care for your lawn...and WHEN to do the proper steps. You are doing too much and want results too quickly.
~Wait until early Sept to seed and fertilize.
~Fertilize again in in mid-late Oct.
~Early Spring fertilizer is not necessary and results in too much top growth.
~A vigorously growing lawn doesn't mean it is a healthy lawn.
~Turf NEEDS SOME STRESS to be don't baby it by over-watering or over-treating it with fertilizers/etc, especially at the wrong times of the year.

My State Extension office offers a weekly E-newsletter that I've read for several years now. They aren't trying to SELL this info is intended to help one to help themself with lawn/garden/landscaping questions/situations. I don't know if your State Extension office offers something like this, but my guess is you'll at least be able to research their archives for whatever issue you wish to address.
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