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Might want to reconsider

Originally Posted by MichianaMowers View Post
Was contacted by a company that has many vacant lots in our city. 30 of them to be exact. I would like someone to tell me if my bid is realistic or not.
  • No trees
  • No fences
  • No structures
  • Curb and sidewalk for most (w/ treelawn)
  • Average lot size: 6770 sq ft
  • Lots are within 5 minutes of each other

The total square footage is right at 200,000 (30 lots)

I'm thinking $630 per week for weekly cuts. Am I even close on this one?

I feel like a noob. Sorry.
Sounds like a lot of work for the proposal you are considering. A lot of great advice already shared here by others. Have you thought about how many hours it will take to run the route? There are many variables in this proposal that you have no control over. I would reconsider the price personally. It seems low but I do not know your cost per hour of operation or the expected profit margin that you desire.

In many markets, that type of work seems to get cheaper every year.
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