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Establish your minimum

Originally Posted by LBOperator View Post
As you guys may know I am just getting started and have been doing some measuring and calculations from my own yard sense it is huge and offers different levels of calculations. One part of my yard is 16000 sq ft. What is the average size of a yard, what do you consider small, and what do you consider big? I am going to time myself taking my mower off my trailer, weed eating, mowing and putting it back on in the 16000 sq ft section. What could you guys mow that in, and what would you price it for? I know the going rate is $1 a minute but any speculation or suggestions are welcome.
With all due respect, throw the going rate out the window of you will become a failed business within a few years.

First calculate your cost per hour based on your equipment, your use-rates, your overhead and your desired profit. $60 an hour may or may not be the right answer. One thing to remember if you do remember anything else. If the "GOING RATE" was right, why are the failure rates for our industry so high?

If you are not sure about your cost per hour of operation check out our bidding manual and our know why you charge what you charge CD at

Utilizing that information will take the guess-work out of your bidding forever. Call us if you have any questions at 800-845-0499. Being a full service lawn company since 1979, we know what a contractor is looking for, simple, accurate, fast and professional.
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