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Contact your insurance company

Originally Posted by Az Gardener View Post
I must have hit the big time I'm being sued I have made a few comments over the years about my displeasure with my uniform service Cintas. I finally had it earlier in the spring and to the letter of my contract I sent a certified letter explaining my reasons I canceled the contract for breach of contract. I didn't hear from them which surprised me I didn't think they would give up easily. Come to find out they don't even have our mailing address. I got a call from their lawyer last week wanting an address to send the paperwork to. Unbelievable.

Anyone have experience with this kind of thing? I am tempted to go to court without a lawyer except for the old saying a man who acts as his own lawyer has a fool for a client. Anxious to hear what the brain-trust has to say.
Don't do a thing personally. Contact your insurance company and let them handle it. They will tell you what they need and what you should do. Being in this business since 1979, we have experienced a few lawsuits.

Good luck.
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