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Once they get your information and send you the court papers.. I would have my lawyer contact them and try and settle out of court.

things to remember if you are planning to stay in business.

1. If you are not incorporated then they are suing YOU personally, if they win thats a judgement on your credit report they can come after your personal assets. (bank accounts, liens on property, garanishments)


2. If you are incorporated then they will sue your company. If they win then the judgement will be attached to your company's incorporation (Tax ID number) This will affect you in gettting business credit and growing your company. Your personal assets are protected.

These people are no joke...this is what they like to do.... sue the little guy. I've been in court numerous times over stupid crap like this. I'm giving people jobs, trying to feed my family and they are suing over stufff like this.

Just settle if you can and think twice about any contract... uniforms, advertisments, leases or anything like that.
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