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Question Mycorrhizal fungal inoculants

I'm new to the organic approach but have been in business long enough to believe that there must be a better approach than using fungicides… which in my opinion put a Band-Aid on the sore without correcting the problems. And often that problem requires a physical change.

My question, after reading some of the interesting posts on corn meal is… does it have similar effect on plants as mycorrhizal fungal inoculants that I have used with limited success on plant stress? Limited mostly because very few customers notice a sick tree until it's on deaths door. I inject into soil and it helps if used before it's too late. <B>Can you inject corn meal into ground? And what would the effect be?</B>

Also, has anyone put corn meal on golf greens when they are being soil relieved? This would penetrate the corn meal to a much deeper level.

We have about 45 days each year with temperatures over 100 and must keep the greens fairly wet or they will burn up. Bent grass greens that is. I would love to try the corn meal approach for one full year to see if it can do a better job than yhe fungicides. Now if I can sell the greens keeper. Thanks.

P.S. Thanks for creating this LawnSite. I expect to learn mucho.

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