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Originally Posted by 123hotdog View Post
I have a Great Dane 61" Super Surfer. These are no longer available. I will use it till I retire. I have a ztr, a front deck, and a walk behind, as well as my stander. If Wright made a stander with a diesel engine, I could sell three mowers and buy one. Before buying any new mower, I would check out the service dept and how they handle warranty repairs and loaners. I would go to the landscaping expo in Louisville Kentucky which is in October each year and get a price quote directly from the manufacturer. Then take that quote to your local dealer. It will save you thousands, I'll say that again, THOUSANDS of dollars.

Seriously? Can you get a mower for about two grand less than MSRP? If thats true,I will be going for sure. I think I want a stander,one that you can also walk with on slight hills. Very,very torn between that and a walk behind.
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