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Originally Posted by ricky86 View Post
The number search is doing exactly what it's suppose to do. Make it so you don't really know what you're getting. All clutches, although they will mount are not the same. Rotation and torque rating vary. Put a lower rated clutch on a larger deck, don't expect 1000 hrs out of it. You find one that's extremely low priced, rest assured you're getting a fake. Stickers are easy to make. Ask yourself this. Why is that clutch so cheap? The oem clutches are at least as good as the one you removed. You get a 1 yr warranty, with most likely, no questions. What more do you want?????? But that's up to you.
Hmmm,I have to ask the dealer who replaced my clutch about a warranty.I didn't even think about that.

I know depends on various factors,but,what kind of hours are some of you guys getting out of clutches? I got 485 before a bearing seized. Just seems low to me.
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