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Originally Posted by Junior M View Post
Long story short.. I put a new battery in my 773 Saturday before last because the old battery was old and it kept going dead, ran it numerous times. Never had a problem with starting.

Noticed it starting slow yesterday. Showed up at the job this morning and it won't turn over.

I am no mechanic. But for bobcats outrageous rates I am gonna take a swing at it.. How can I test the alternator?
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Either flip the cab and remove it and have a parts store test it or flip the cab and attach a pickup from an alternator tester to the power off feed wire. Then use a tester to see if it holds its cca.

Poor mans version- attach voltmeter to battery. Observe voltage.

Start bobcat and attach voltmeter to battery. If running voltage > stopped voltage it's the battery. If the other way around.,its the alternator.

I changed my battery with one I had lying around, it was the cheaper option and turned out to be the battery
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