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Originally Posted by ricky86 View Post
The number search is doing exactly what it's suppose to do. Make it so you don't really know what you're getting. All clutches, although they will mount are not the same. Rotation and torque rating vary. Put a lower rated clutch on a larger deck, don't expect 1000 hrs out of it. You find one that's extremely low priced, rest assured you're getting a fake. Stickers are easy to make. Ask yourself this. Why is that clutch so cheap? The oem clutches are at least as good as the one you removed. You get a 1 yr warranty, with most likely, no questions. What more do you want?????? But that's up to you.
What would you recommend? It seems all online retailers are selling Stens clutches. I have yet to find an OEM Exmark or Warner clutch. Even if I did, I would rather not spend $400+ if a $200-$250 clutch will do the same thing. I stopped at my local torrow dealer today at lunch and even they only order Stens brand clutches unless you specifically want to spend more for an OEM. They quoted me around $360 for the Stens clutch for my mower.

I also would like to learn how to tell if my clutch is bad. It worked great engaging and disengaging without issue before the bearing seized. If I can replace just the bearing and get a few hundred home hours out of it that would be a cost effective option. If that will cost half the price of a new clutch and the whole clutch will fail soon after, then it's not worth the hassle. This is for homeowner use, not commercial, however I do not want to keep messing around with it either.
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