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Always need a laugh don't we.

Well, I thought I would pass on one of those things we all get a chuckle out of. A couple friends of my daughter put a post on facebook that read: "Me and my buddy are starting a small lawn care business this summer to make some extra money. We have great prices and great service. We will mow and weed eat two (yes I mean two, two, 2, 2, I added this part) acres or less for in ********* county, South Carolina for $30; each additional acre $5." My daughter who assists with our lawn care business started laughing and said, "you have to see this." I read it and thought, wow, I see some good times ahead for us. We have a few properties we took on that are quite a drive and involve a ton of weed trimming, but hey, it's less than two acres for each of them. My girl said, hey, let's do them a "favor" and sub them out. I said, that is cold as &&&&. I told her I would offer to sub them out to them but I would be honest and explain that they need consider their actual costs before making such blanket price offers. They listened and said, we just need to make some extra money. I did my part and they said they would love to do these jobs for me. I agreed meaning I will discuss them doing the jobs and offer the customers a price reduction of $10 each and explaining that they are not my employees, they are independent contractors to CMA. Far be it from me to explain that I charge $100 for one and $85 for the other one. My last words were, you know, you will be paying me to do these two don't you. They say they can make money at that price. My cost on both jobs is $45 and $40 respectively. I tell them this and they say there is no way it costs me that much to do these jobs. I use professional equipment and I am in and out in about 35-40 minutes each. They plan on using a 42 inch yard man rider and a homelite trimmer. It is 23-27 miles from their house to the jobs and they pull a small trailer with an Expedition. I figure it will take them a good hour in travel, easy two and a half to complete the job with one full time on the weed trimmer; yes it is trimmer hell. So now we have three and one half hours in it for two persons so seven man hours. I figure they will use about $15 in gas for the vehicle and lawn mower maybe more and about $3.50 on mixed gas and trimmer line. I figure the homelite trimmer will die by the end of yard two. If we don't even consider wear and tear on the equipment, they are at a cost of $18.50 so they "clear" $12.50. They say with a straight face, that is cool with us, we need the money. I then ask them if they will just give up the whole idea and come to work for me. They said "of course." Are you both ok with $2.00 per hour. They said, that is crazy who will work for that. I said . . . . YOU WILL. You will both be making about $1.78 per hour on these jobs. It made no difference, they will be Donald Trump by the end of the summer. The force is strong with the newbies. Money making, you will not says Yoda.
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